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Parasitic < > Symbiotic

Architecture & Social Design in the area of urban leftovers.


There have always been leftovers in the urban context – at churches, infrastructure, town walls…
After analysing these spaces in history, the main goal was to locate such spaces within the city of vienna and to find a way to use them for socialy disadvantaged people.


The Leftover

Spotted next to the famous tourist hotspot „Hofburg“ in the heart of vienna, this leftover is passed by hundreds of tourists every day.

We all know the usual situation of beggars around these areas and how they try to get as much attention, and of course,  to earn as much money as possible.

But what about the people who don’t have the possibility to wear a costume, dress up as a statue or play an instrument?
As the title parasitic <> symbiotic already intends – the idea was to create a situation that does not only help the poor people but also the people who are involved in the occupied space.

We all know the Trevi-Fountain in Rome – in first 6 months of 2012 about 500.000€ have benn thrown into the fountin cause of the well known myth of coming back to Rome… The money was used for charity purposes.

This is where the „Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien“ comes into place. The famous treasury is located somehow in the back of the Hofburg.
So why not make them more visible and attractive to the tourists and help the poor people?


The „beggar-king“ acts as a symbol for the viennese treasury as well as an attraction for tourists. The different layers of the figure allow coins to run down the different shaped tracks at the same time, so the people can compete each other – allways remembering that bigger coins will run down the track faster!
Down at the bottom, a light-sign will show clearly who’s coin was first. The money will be collected and picked up by a charity organisation such as the Caritas.

Fun for Tourists < > Money for poor People < > Attraction for the treasury

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