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Design Studio – Observationtower

by Manfred Thallner, Elisabeth Rücklinger, Teresa Kloibhofer at TU Wien (2015)



The main aim of the Design Studio was to produce five rooms for testing new kind of facades in Chile. These rooms are situated in a height of 15 – 30 meters. The room dimensions are 5×5 meters and it was requested to leave the North front free from any construction for illumination reasons. On the top of the tower, an observation platform is scheduled. Either more or less a staircase for development is needed


Construction combines the two main elements of the tower, vertical circulation and the testing boxes, and is split into two sides, so that the horizontal circulation can be in between – creating an interesting space to walk through.

The two sides of contruction consist of either one diagonal slat facade which on the one hand take part of the bracing  and on the other hand are used for fall protection as well as for asthetic reasons.



main forces on tower construction


Detail Planning

3D-Detail of framework-link


testing facades

the different testing facades can be installed and uninstalled really easy.
therefore they can be pulled up directly out of a truck up to the testing boxes, where they are fixed on a wooden frame like it is shown in the detail.


Installation Process



Second Phase

After some years, when the testing facades will be removed, the flexibility of the tower allows it to be used in severel ways like exhibition space, visitor center – even installations for sanitary facilities are already included.




Model 1:50


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