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Studio Wohnbau

New Kids on the Block – children and urbanism, at TU Wien (2013)



The goal of the studio was to create housing with flats of different sizes, espicially attractive for children.


The first idea was to pick up a special scenere from the own childhood – sitting at the windowbench and watching what was going on outside.
To give this situation more comfort and visibility, the windowbench was extracted to become somehow a bay for children.
Starting with these bays, the whole building was to becoma a landscape of bays with different functions. All of them relating to each other in different sizes and heights, creating interesting and exciting spaces inside the flats.
All of the bays are connected to the cirulation through a basic module, which contains the main functions accessible barrierfree.

The building therefore consists of three layers – the Pergola as circulation, the basic functions and the individual rooms as bays.





Semi-private cooking and eating-zone orientated to the Pergola, which is also used as terasse.
The private individual rooms like childrens bedroom, living room and office are located in the different bays.




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