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FLEXhab working module

Architectural requirements and prototyping for a lunar base analogue.
Master thesis at the European Astronaut Center, Cologne.


FLEXhab is the Future Lunar Exploration Habitat, soon to be built at the European Astronaut Center, Cologne as a lunar base analogue allowing for astronaut training and simulations.

After analysing the lunar conditions and evaluating which of them can be simulated on earth, the following tasks have been carried out in the thesis:

  1. Evaluation of requirements for astronaut training and experiments and definition of use-cases.
  2. Design of the interior space specifically concerning confinement and isolation.
  3. Development and evaluation of the FLEXrack-concept to create a changable environment to meet the changing requirements.
  4. Design and building of a prototype with following evaluation.
  5. Definition of design requirements for FLEXhab.


Design measures


Prototype scenarios





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